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Discreet Home STI Test

Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase and with many showing no symptoms, it is possible to have an STI and not even know about it. If you are concerned about your sexual health due to a recent event, symptoms, a change in a sexual partner or simply want peace of mind, the Discreet home STI test offers the perfect solution.

We will test for the most common STIs and will detect even those infections that do not show any symptoms, providing a comprehensive profile of your sexual health. Regular screening can aid in detecting infection in the early stages and help to reduce the risk of such complications. You can also opt to go into any of our locations for complete STI screening and results will be sent to you discreetly via text or email.

We also provide advice, counselling and treatment options if needed.

Altaa Woman’s Health

Every milestone in a woman’s life presents exciting and life-changing experiences. At Altaa Health, we understand the special care requirement every woman needs. We believe every woman should have a comprehensive and personalized understanding of their body to protect now and in the future. Our Altaa woman’s health package includes;

Test included in the package

Altaa Men’s Health

Every milestone in a man’s life presents exciting and life-changing experiences. At Altaa Health, we understand the special care requirement every man needs. We believe every man should have a comprehensive and personalized understanding of their body to protect now and in the future. Our Altaa man’s health package includes;

Test included in the package

Specialized Testing.

We appreciate that you may wish to avail of a test for a specific set of symptoms rather than one of our more comprehensive health packages. Our dedicated test packages are for specific health concerns or symptoms, including respiratory infection and sexually-transmitted infection testing, specific tests for digestive and bowel health, and genetic tests for diagnosis of cholesterol and iron overload conditions.

Health definitions are included for clients on the Signature programme, alternatively these can be added to Everyman or Everywoman at an additional cost, or purchased independently.

Cough, Cold, Flu

To identify the presence of up to 22 different bacterial and viral infections. The power to identify co-infections and from that understand the appropriate treatment.

H.Pylori Breath Test

This test procedure involves blowing into four small plastic tubes and lasts approximately 45 minutes. This test measures the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide and indicates the presence of H.Pylori in the stomach. After the first breath sample collection, the Nurse or Phlebotomist will ask you to take two drinks, one containing citric acid and another containing urea dissolved in water. After 30 minutes, a second breath sample will be collected in the same way as the first.

Bowel Health

This is a home test used to collect your sample at home and return/post to Altaa Health Labs for fast, comprehensive and private results. The test identifies markers of inflammation and blood in stool samples. Calprotectin, a marker of inflammation, can help distinguish between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The faecal immunochemical test is a sensitive test for the presence of blood in the lower digestive tract. It includes a 15-minute telephone consultation with a Altaa Health GP to review results.

Sexual Health (Confidante)

This test is used to identify the presence of 10 of the most common sexually transmitted infections. It requires just one urine (and/or swab) sample for fast, comprehensive and private results. Identification of particular infections allows for tailored treatment. 100% private and confidential.

Digestive Health

During the appointment you will be asked a series of physical, medical and lifestyle questions. All information provided is strictly confidential. We use the information from your questionnaire to generate and allow interpretation of your test results. A number of personal health measurements will also be recorded. We will ask you to provide two blood samples from vein in your arm. The first is a fasting sample and the second is collected after stimulating the stomach to secrete acid. After providing your first blood sample, we will ask you to consume a protein drink and relax for 20 minutes. However please inform the Nurse if you suffer from lactose intolerance or are hypersensitive/allergic to milk products. The protein drink stimulates your stomach to produce acid and by measuring your response we can determine how well your stomach is functioning. Finally, we will collect a second blood sample.

Heart Health

This test includes the Signature Heart Health panel of tests and a resting ECG to give an in-depth assessment of risk of future heart disease.

Aspirin Effectiveness

This will check an individual’s response to aspirin medication, which is commonly used to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke. One in four individuals are ‘resistant’ to the effects of aspirin and may require alternative medication. A urine sample will be required from the individual.

Genetic Testing

Prevention is key at Altaa Health, where our aim is to identify risk factors for disease and motivate our clients to be proactive about their health. With advances in genomics and the study of the human genome (the entire human DNA sequence), it is now possible to screen for large numbers of inherited conditions in one test. Altaa Genomics Services, now available at Altaa Health, provides genetic testing for genes associated with a range of cancers and cardiac conditions. Our testing can help you discover if you are at risk of developing cancer or an inherited cardiac condition.