Frequently asked questions - faq

We recommend you place your order well in advance of when you need it.

Once your order has been accepted by Randox Health an order confirmation email will be sent out to the email address used at time of order placement.

It is not possible to change the delivery address, amend or cancel orders once accepted by Randox Health.

Expected delivery is 2-6 working days once order confirmation is sent. If you require your test kits sooner, you can collect on your chosen day using our click and collect service.  The arrival date recorded as part of the ordering process has no impact on delivery schedule except for Day 5 (Test to release) orders.

For Day 5 (test to release) orders, these will only be shipped prior to day 5 of quarantine for arrival on Day 5, as per government testing guidelines.

Please note that if you only place your order for your day 5/ test to release kit after your date of arrival, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your test to release kit on your day 5. We encourage all orders are placed early.

When the products you ordered dispatch, an email and/or text message will be sent out by the courier to confirm delivery schedule. If there are any changes regarding delivery, it is the customers responsibility to communicate with the courier once courier has taken receipt of the order.

Once the order is with the courier all delivery queries must be directed to the courier, using the contact information provided in the email/ text communication at dispatch.

If you choose a commercial unit as your delivery location for COVID-19 products from Randox Health, you agree that persons at the commercial unit are acting as agents accepting delivery on your behalf.

Each sample collection kit contains instructions for use. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the instructions are read in full prior to engaging in the sampling process.

Registration is REQUIRED as part of the sampling process. It enables Randox health to send the results of testing to you. Without registration, results will not be provided.

Once the sampling process has occurred, registering the URN is necessary. Follow the instructions provided with the sample collection kit to carry registration out.

Please click below link to register

Register COVID-19 PCR Kit

All details requested on the registration form must be completed correctly. You must enter your URN exactly as it appears on your paperwork. E.g. ‘R00000012’ Failure to register your kit will mean we will be unable to send you your results

Your URN is your Unique Reference Number.

Your URN is found within your COVID-19 Sample Collection Kit on pre-printed labels.

You must use your URN to register your kit

You must always keep this URN safe/ do NOT lose the URN

You should receive an email confirming your registration was successful. If you are unsure if your registration was successful, please try to register again as the site will not allow you to register the same URN twice.

Please note that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have removed any blocks on their email system that may prevent the registration notification and subsequent reports of results coming through. Also we advise customers to ensure that they check SPAM / JUNK folders for email correspondence.

Randox health hold no liability where the customers own email provider has blocked communication from Randox.

Please note that Randox Reports are supplied in PDF format.